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The HCSO JPC Project Team after a workshop meeting (2018)

The HCSO Project Team

I want to thank the HCSO Project Team (see below) for all their dedication and detailed input throughout the JPC and JMS projects.  This work included group planning sessions, data analysis, space (SF) plans, conceptual layout ideas and assessments, creation of future process flows, staffing plans, operational and system flowcharts, RFP and RFQ reviews, RFI responses, TCJS code reviews, stakeholder workshops, security system input, detention key scheme, building labeling scheme, product reviews, FF&E plan, fire/life safety plans, evacuation plans, project presentations, traffic plan review, parking plan, and all the group input throughout the Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Documents phases of the JPC Project.  The transition plans, transition meetings, employee training sessions, deployment plans and go-live oversight were also critical to the successful opening of the JPC.  The success of the JPC is the culmination of a million team decisions, brought together by a shared vision.  As the saying goes, "What is the best way to predict the future?  CREATE IT."  


It is important to mention the team's ability to embrace new ideas, methods and concepts.  Team research and travel associated with the JPC project included touring other detention facilities and attending ACA and AJA training conferences with vendor expos.  This research allowed us to incorporate all the best designs, products and features into the new JPC.  Those tours also helped us identify and avoid the mistakes made by other jurisdictions.  Some notable facility tours occurred in Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, New Orleans, Tampa, Orlando, Dallas, and Austin, Texas.  Remember, organizations who are unwilling to embrace CHANGE will never be more than they are today.  To improve requires change.    

I want to express a special thanks to my good friend, Sergeant Sisto Deleon.  Sisto and I started this journey together and I always appreciated his insight, candor and innovative ideas.  In addition, I want to especially thank Manager Jessica Smith for all the detailed work she performed on the project.  As you would expect from someone with a Master's Degree in Accounting, Jessica is very intelligent, proactive and possesses extensive computer skills.  Jessica was often assigned the most difficult tasks, yet she always rose to the challenge.  Frankly, I couldn't have asked for a better team.

The HCSO Project Team was honored with a Unit Citation for their extensive contributions to the JPC Project.  To view team photos taken at the Unit Citation Ceremony, please scroll down.

Harris County Joint Processing Center Project

JPC Project Team at the Unit Citation Ceremony


JPC HCSO Project Team (left to right) - Admin. Assistant Latoya Silverio, Manager Jessica Smith, Sergeant Sisto Deleon, Major Greg Summerlin,
Deputy Felicia Hood and Deputy Tommy Torres.


JPC Project Team at the Unit Citation Ceremony


JPC Project Team Members - Jessica Smith, Felicia Hood, and Latoya Silverio

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