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A Special Thanks

I would like to extend a special thanks to Rajeev Bajaj, Cheryl Gajeske, and Eric Rosipal.  These three individuals were instrumental in turning project vision into reality.  Through expertise and teamwork, they turn good ideas into great ideas.  It was my privilege to work with them (see below).


Rajeev Bajaj

President and Founder of Cogit Systems, Inc.

The JPC, while extremely well designed, could not operate efficiently without modern technology and software.  To that end, Rajeev worked with GTL, the HCSO, and all applicable stakeholders to help transition our paper-based processes and legacy applications to GTL's modern Jail Management System.  Rajeev has the natural leadership ability to bring people together and achieve results.  Just one word of caution:  When Rajeev proposes "a working lunch", what he really means is, "work through lunch."  Thank you, Raj. 


Cheryl Gajeske


At PGAL, Cheryl provided the executive leadership necessary to keep the project on target, from master planning, through the project SD, DD, and CD phases, to eventual completion and the JPC Grand Opening. Cheryl and the entire PGAL team were true partners on the JPC project.  The HCSO project team worked closely with PGAL staff and had direct input throughout the entire project.  I actually miss all those marathon workshops!  Thank you, Cheryl.    


Eric Rosipal

PGAL Senior Associate, AIA, Project Architect

Eric was the lead JPC architect and coordinated with the HCSO, and other teams, on an almost daily basis.  Eric's architectural expertise, vast knowledge of applicable codes, attention to detail, inclusive style and dedication to the project were evident everyday.  No matter the issue, Eric was always calm and just worked the problem to successful resolution.  Magnificent job!  Thank you, Eric.

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