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Joint Processing Center Project

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The JPC Project - A partnership between Harris County and the City of Houston to consolidate local jail operations. 

The Joint Processing Center (JPC):  A state-of-the-art facility that combined innovative design, modern technology and superior jail management software to set the new standard for efficient, large-scale, progressive-minded inmate processing and housing.  To learn about the JPC Project, please explore this website by clicking on the 16 tabs at the top of this page


Harris County Joint Processing Center

The 2019 Harris County Sheriff's Office JPC Team.

Official Photo - Greg Summerlin.jpg

JPC Major Greg Summerlin (Retired Sept. 2019)

Led HCSO Planning, Design, Transition, and Operational Teams for the JPC Project.

HCSO JMS Software Team

HCSO JMS Manager Jessica Smith, Deputy Felicia Hood and the software support team for the JPC.

Chief Darryl Coleman and JPC Supervisory Staff

HCSO Chief Darryl Coleman was the Harris County Jail Administrator.


HCSO JPC Project Team

JPC Unit Citation Photo

Administrative Assistant Latoya Silverio, Manager Jessica Smith, Sergeant Sisto Deleon, Major Greg Summerlin, Deputy Felicia Hood, and Deputy Tommy Torres (left to right). 


Get in Touch with Greg Summerlin

After 30 years of service as a peace officer and senior-level correctional manager, I officially retired from the Harris County Sheriff's Office in September 2019.  While retired, I am still glad to answer any questions you may have about the Harris County JPC Project (just enter your information here and submit your questions).  If you need any official communication about the JPC from the Harris County Sheriff's Office, please contact HCSO Major Patrick Dougherty (see tabs at the top of this page).  When I retired, Pat took my place at the JPC.  Pat was the JPC project manager for the Houston Police Department, so he also has extensive historical knowledge of the JPC Project.  Thanks- Major Greg Summerlin (Ret).

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